Denver, Fort Collins

LaMar’s Donuts

A lovely little shop with 25 locations in 5 states, open 5 to 5 everyday but Sunday, the simplest yet best donut I’ve ever tasted – what’s not to love about this classic donut stop?
Ray Lamar began a career as a business man but ultimately left for his true passion: providing and perfecting his delicious donuts. And that’s when it all started in 1933 with the first ever Lamar’s Donuts.

Review Time!



Personal faves:
Powdered old-fashioned | Granulated sugar coated yeast raised

Lots of choices!

  • Cake
  • Yeast raised
  • Old-fashioned sour cream
  • Fried cinnamon rolls (the size of my head!)
  • Jelly filled (called Bizmarks)
  • Plain
  • Sugar coated
  • Glazed
  • Frosted.

While all the options are traditional and by no means unique, it is quite “simply a better donut”. I cannot recall a time where I have tasted a better donut than the fresh-out-of-the-oven at 7:00am before class starts batches that LaMar’s proudly serves. Each donut is perfectly soft and moist while not being overwhelmingly sweet. Plain and simple is the best way to go here.


They provide a bit of a small selection, however good enough to satisfy most people and get you through the day!

  • Drip (3 different roasts)
  • Lattes
  • Mochas
  • Espresso
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Hot Tea
  • Smoothies
  • Bottled Juices & Milks

Personally, no coffee will ever be as good as anything off of Alley Cat’s menu, however that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy LaMar’s coffee. Like their donuts, their coffee doesn’t expand beyond the traditional, simple options. However, also just like their donuts, LaMar’s does simple very well. Their drip coffee is just what I expect when I think of a great tasting, yet simple pick-me-up in the morning – nothing too sweet and just the right bitterness.


To put it simply, walking in immediately gives off the feeling of a traditional donut shop that’s proudly been serving their product for quite some time.
The shop is great for enjoying yourself there as it includes a space-y indoor seating area (the largest of any donut shop I’ve ever been to!) and a few outdoor tables with a great view of Shields Street. Also – as is expected for its kind of service – they offer a quick and friendly to-go option as well.


LaMar’s Lovers Card:
If you plan on spending many mornings finishing up your statistics homework or just stopping by for a quick, sweet breakfast treat before work, you can rack up points and earn free donuts and coffee! Who doesn’t love free food? Especially a broke college student??

✓ Order Ahead
Merch Available

Final Thoughts


Overall, my experience here was absolutely amazing! I definitely plan on coming here more often for those sweet, sweet donuts and trying more of the ones I didn’t have the chance to this first visit. After all, it is Simply A Better Donut.


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