Fort Collins

Peace, Love, and Little Donuts

I can no longer review coffee! The entire semester I’ve been experiencing severe side affects that make attending class, my jobs, and every other aspect of my day very difficult to manage – I only recently connected that to when I consume foods and drinks with high caffeine content. I apologize for any dismay this may cause with future reviews.
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While my roommate binge-watched all 8 seasons of That 70’s Show the entire month of January, it got me thinking: “I wonder what donuts would have been like during the 70’s”. I didn’t actually think that, but it’s a great transition into this week’s donut shop!
A fairly new shop having opened it’s first doors in 2009 way out on the east coast, Peace Love & Little Donuts has made it’s way into the morning routine of many with 31 locations; the Fort Collins location being the only one in Colorado. The owners Ron and Marci Razete left their previous jobs for what they like to call something smaller – little donuts! And that’s when the couple and their kids began hand-making each and every funky little donut.

Review Time!


do a line

Personal faves:
Honey glazed | Strawberry frosted | Lemon Blueberry

  • Cake
  • Gluten Free
  • Doggy Donuts
  • Groovy
    • Plain, Sugar Coated, Honey Glazed
  • Far Out
    • Frosted
  • Funkadelic
    • Loaded Toppings
  • Seasonal Flavors

I’m usually not a fan of cake donuts, but when these donuts are served fresh out of the fryer they have the perfect crunch on the outside yet are soft, moist, and cake-y on the inside. Hands down the best cake donut I’ve ever had! And while the shop only offers cake, the overwhelming amount of toppings options will have you wanting an entire dozen of each of the unique flavors. The flavors do lean more towards being a dessert rather than the typical breakfast treat I grab before heading to my morning classes as they are incredibly sweet and topped with lots of sugar.
Just a friendly reminder: the shop is called Peace, Love, and Little Donuts, as in the donuts are actually pretty small! They fit in the palm of my hand and are a little pricier compared to a standard sized donut, so if you’re the average college student on a budget like I am, you’re going to want to save this shop for when you really want to treat yourself.


With bright colors, tie-dye shirts, and the front of a Volkswagen van decorating the walls, you feel the funk the minute you walk in. The employees are incredible friendly and offer a groovy service that will always put a smile on your face as they hand make each order with peace and love. With only a few small tables for indoor seating, this place feels like it’s meant to-go rather than enjoyed in store. There is also no outdoor seating available. Needless to say however, if you’re looking to feed your inner hippie, this is the place to go!


✓ Order Ahead
Merch Available
✓ Catering Services
 Decorate Your Own Donut Kits
Social Media Giveaways

Final Thoughts


Peace, Love, and Little Donuts has easily snuck it’s way into my heart as a funky little shop that I know I’m going to visit too many times to be good for my health (and my wallet). Being only a five minute walk from my college’s campus doesn’t help with that at all either. I mean, I’ve already visited 7 times since I found out about it! The shop has one of the most unique, grooviest vibes along with the sweetest, littlest donuts which makes it one of the greatest.


3 thoughts on “Peace, Love, and Little Donuts”

  1. I love Peace Love and Little Donuts. I didn’t know they had so many other locations! I particularly like the sizing because then I can eat more than one flavor in a sitting. It definitely makes a difference that they’re made fresh to order.


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