Aurora, Denver

Glazed & Confused

It was a beautiful Monday morning when I decided to get up early and head over to the Denver area to find a delicious new donut shop. After arriving in Aurora in the parking lot of a cute little marketplace, I continued to circle around because I didn’t see the sign for the only location of this shop I was looking for. Finally, after 30 minutes of driving around in the same parking lot aimlessly, I parked my car, checked my phone, and low and behold it was inside of the building. If you ever decide to go to Glazed and Confused, here’s a little tip: look for it inside of the building instead of in the parking lot.
The culinary genius behind Glazed and Confused, Josh Schwab, grew up with getting donuts from the local store being a family tradition. After indulging himself in the experiences the culinary world had to offer, he finally decided to take his gourmet cooking skills, creativity, and passion to Denver to create delectable donuts.

Review Time!



Personal faves:
Breaking Banana Bread | Strawberry Brite

Every single creation is so unique and different, I honestly can’t group them into categories! Here’s the menu if you’re curious about the options they have.
But I will list:

  • Gluten Free Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Vegan Wednesdays

Glazed and Confused makes about 15 different types of donut fresh out of the fryer every morning, and when I say different, I mean different. Nearly every donut has a different batter, shape, fillings, glazes, toppings – you name it – which certainly makes up for the fact they have such a small selection.
And while you might not find your average sugar raised donut, you certainly will have a great time trying to decide which of the crazy flavors to try (I wanted to try all of them, but student loans make purchasing that dream a little hard). I ended up sadly only choosing 3 flavors.
The Strawberry Brite is probably the closest you’ll get to a “regular” donut. It’s a perfectly soft and not-too-sweet yeast-raised donut dipped in a fresh-strawberry glaze that tastes just like you put strawberries on top of your donut. Needless to say, I loved it!
Breaking Banana Bread was certainly my favorite out of the 3. The donut itself has just the right crunch when you first bite into it, yet is soft, cake-y, and moist on the inside – not to mention it tastes like the best and freshest banana bread I’ve ever had. And the caramel glaze just tops it off (along with mini chocolate chips).
The Cinnanutelamon wasn’t my personal favorite. It was very messy and difficult to eat and the cinnamon was a little overpowering. I can definitely see how the combination of cinnamon and nutella would be great, it just wasn’t great for me.
The only bad thing I have to say about the donuts is that they are all very oily. If you like very moist donuts, then this is great! They taste fantastic, but the heartburn the rest of the day makes you regret indulging before class.


There’s not much to say here since the entirety of the store is the counter and kitchen. It is inside of a cute little marketplace full of other shops and eateries, along with plenty of seating. So if you’re looking to expand your breakfast into a lunch, this is a great place to do so!


Local & Organic Ingredients
 Seasonal Menu Additions
Kombucha on Tap
✓ Paired with ShakeShack in Denver to create their own Custard Creation

Final Thoughts

This shop is honestly great! I can’t wait to get back there and try as many different flavors as I possibly can. Not only are their donuts delicious, but I feel like it truly carries the passion that I love about local businesses. Josh Schwab brings out his passion of creativity and experience with gourmet cooking through his truly unique and gourmet donuts.


2 thoughts on “Glazed & Confused”

  1. This place looks really good! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to try it sometime. I think it’s funny how sometimes the smallest, most unassuming restaurants and shops can have the best quality products.


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