Estes Park, Loveland

Donut Haus

It’s midterm season for me, which means classes get canceled and I have more time to myself. And what better way to treat yourself for studying other than getting donuts! 🙂
The Donut Haus all started in Estes Park with baker Dieter D’Alquen, business woman Lois Marth, and a passion for creating fresh, light, and delicious donuts. It wasn’t long until Mary Ann joined their team and they decided to open a location in Loveland. Since the beginning in 1997, the owners continue to care about creating and providing fresh, handmade dough, glazes, and toppings to the community (while also feeding their donut addictions).

Review Time!



Personal faves:
Turtle Pull-Apart

  • Cake
  • Yeast-Raised
  • Old fashioned
  • Bars (Filled & Unfilled)
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Twists
  • Fritters
  • Glazes (Regular, Chocolate, Maple, Vanilla)
  • Variety of Toppings

Not going to lie, I was mildly disappointed. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy what I got, but to quote my roommate “They’re not bad, I wouldn’t want to visit again though”. The reason for that is because while the actual donut itself was soft and light, it was pretty standard, not something that really stood out. On top of that (literally), the glazes were either excessively pooled on top which overpowered the taste of the donut itself (wayyy too sweet for my liking) or didn’t have enough to cover the entire top. I really only ended up liking the pull-apart – again, over-topped with glazes but there was enough dough to make up for it.
Maybe I tried the wrong donuts, maybe I came on a bad day, but the donuts simply did not match up to my expectations.


If the story of a quaint little shop originally built in the beautiful, peaceful mountains of Estes Park that hand makes each of their donuts doesn’t give you a good idea of what it felt to walk into the shop, let me go into more detail. The store is decorated with nearly all wood furniture and displays, along with sofas and coffee tables for sitting and enjoying a sweet breakfast. The store has more seating than any other donut shop I’ve ever been to – if the floor space didn’t have the counter or kitchen, it was taken up by chairs and tables to accommodate for it’s dining-in patrons. Speaking of which, there was no short supply of customers. The shop was busy – nearly all of the tables full and customers continuously coming in and out – which wasn’t a problem. The workers are kind, friendly, and quick to help you. In terms of customer service, this is one of the best I’ve seen when getting donuts!


Breakfast Options (Burritos, Bagels)
Other pastry options (Pies, Brownies, Cookies, Bread Pudding)
 Custom Special Occasion Cakes

Final Thoughts


While I absolutely loved the design and feel of the store itself, the donuts were a miss for me. They were overly sweetened by the loads of glazes and toppings and the dough doesn’t make it worth the drive. Will I go again? Probably not. It just didn’t quite hit the spot for me. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get out there and try it for yourself! The store was bustling and busy when I visited, which means tons of people find The Donut Haus’s donuts great enough to stop by at the beginning of their day.


2 thoughts on “Donut Haus”

  1. I love that you look at the donut shop as a whole including ambiance! I am an Interior Design major so I understand the large effect the environment has on the experience as a whole. I also think its great that you talk about specifics of what you tried because often people are looking for more than just generic feedback. Nice gif too!


  2. Love this blog! Sorry that the donuts weren’t up to par, but I loved how you described the ambiance of the shop. Good luck with your next donut venture!


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