Mr. Yo’s Donut

Let me just list for you how many times I attempted to go to this shop: (1) Went just a little too late on a Saturday morning and they were sold out. (2) Went on a Thursday morning and they were closed. (3) Went the next Thursday morning and they were closed. (4) Went on Easter Sunday without thinking it was a holiday and, of course, they were closed. But fifth time’s a charm, right? Right!
Mr. Yo’s Donut for sure carries that feeling of homemade and family-run goodness. Owner and baker Mr. Yo hand makes each and every pastry every morning before opening at their one and only location in Windsor. Open 5:00 am to 1:00 pm (or until sold out)  most days, let me just say that this place is worth getting up to get there right as they open!

Review Time!



Personal Faves:
Sugar Raised Twist | Croissant Donut | Strawberry Glaze Raised

  • Yeast Raised
  • Cake
  • Old-Fashioned
  • Donut Holes
  • Twists
  • Bars
    • Unfilled and Filled (on the spot when asked!)
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Standard coatings & glazes

While the selection is in no way unique, the minute you bite into any part of their menu you feel immediate bliss. Their donuts are purely amazing; the dough is moist, soft, and melt-in-your-mouth sweet. The toppings and glazes not only look as though they were perfectly drawn on, but also are put on in just the right amount so as they provide enough of the taste without taking away from the plain donut itself. It’s as though the perfect glaze to donut ratio was mathematically calculated and applied here. I seriously mean it when I say I could eat an entire dozen by myself in one seating when it comes to Mr. Yo’s products.


This store definetly carries the family-run, one-of-a-kind vibes – comfy and simple! The service is kind, friendly, and fast which are all great things in my book! The store itself is designed and decorated with bright colors, yet doesn’t give off that kindergarten classroom vibe. There is seating available if you decide to enjoy your delectable donuts in store, but everything is provided in to-go bags and boxes.
The shop was surprisingly slow and empty when I had arrived, and after looking at the display case I saw why – they were almost sold out by the time I arrived at 9:30am. It didn’t seem too terribly late in the morning to me since classes had not started yet, but I guess the rush hour happens when they first open. This makes sense since two out of the four previous attempts to visit, I arrived well before their posted closing time but they were sold out.


Monthly Give-Aways

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the simplicity of the store and the look of the store fool you, these donuts are highly sought after morning gems – and for good reason too! The only thing I have to complain about is how often they’re closed and how quickly they run out. I find it totally worth getting up a couple hours earlier than usual just to make sure I get an amazingly great donut before starting my day. I would feel wrong if I said that these are absolutely perfect donuts, but I don’t feel wrong saying they’re very close to it.


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