Red’s Dogs & Donuts

What better way to welcome spring back into our lives other than with a lovely morning snowfall? Seriously though Colorado, it’s was t-shirt and shorts whether over the weekend and now it’s snowing! How am I supposed to relax and enjoy the last few weeks of the semester if I have to spend it bundled up and locked away in my cave of a room? Oh wait, I know – by getting donuts of course! This week I braved the weather to drive down to Greeley to visit one of the more peculiar donut shops I’ve heard of.
David Cohen (more commonly known as Red) has serving up his food creations for over 25 years and from coast to coast. But it wasn’t until he moved to Greeley that he finally decided to bring together his two favorite pleasures in life; you can probably guess what they are by the name of the shop, but they’re none other than hot dogs and donuts! You might be having the same thoughts as me before I stepped into the store, “Who on earth would want to combine sweet and delectable pastries such as donuts with hot dogs??”. But life’s too short to hold the types of judgements that hold you back from exploring and trying new things, so I can’t knock it until I try it (plus it’s donuts, why wouldn’t I want to try it)!

Review Time!



Personal Faves:

I was actually surprised by the selection offered! It was certainly larger than expected, however for the most part they carried your standard selection.

  • Potato Donuts
  • Cake
  • Old Fashioned
  • Fritters
  • Bars
  • Variety of glazes & toppings
  • Cream Filled

All of the donuts I tried I thoroughly enjoyed. They were all extremely sweet, but there wasn’t a bite of each donut that I didn’t take in with joy.
The two cake donuts I got were a bit greasy and let me tell you, that wasn’t a bad thing at all. Red’s cake donuts are so moist and the most cake-like donuts I’ve had! The thought of a cake donut having the actual consistency of cake is not something I’ve thought about and something I didn’t know I would appreciate so much.
The donuts that I originally thought were yeast-raised were amazing. When I started to eat my first of these donuts, I knew something was a little off (in a good way, though) as they didn’t quite have the same consistency of any other raised donut I’ve had. As it turns out, the fluffy donuts Red’s proudly serves are “Spudnuts” – donuts made with potato flour. This is by far some of the best dough I’ve ever had. This is the kind of dough I can eat without any sort of glaze of toppings, in fact I would have preferred if I could have ate these donuts absolutely plain!
That being said I don’t think they were worth waking up two hours earlier before I usually do for class. While they were very good, I can get the same doughy goodness from the local bakeries in my area; these donuts just didn’t stand out to me as much as I may have been hoping. If I lived in the area I for sure would be visiting more often.


The way the store is set up had me leaving in a bit of confusion. It’s like the counter is set up to sell the donuts, but the seating area and decor seem more set up for a shop that’s serving lunch. You could walk in and think you’re here to get a good hot dog, but the minute you get to the counter you notice the donut display and think you’re there to get breakfast. But overall, it’s a very family friendly place to sit down to eat and definitely gives off the local one-of-a-kind vibe that I love about these kinds of establishments.


Delivery Available
Catering Available
Serve Hot Dogs
Serve Waffles
Happy Hour for Donuts
Giant Birthday Donuts

Final Thoughts

Like I said earlier in this review, the donuts are great but not worth the drive for me. However, I do hope to be back one day to try the counterpart to their namesake (and of course I’ll be getting more donuts when I get back there. I mean, what kind of donut addict would I be if I didn’t?). If you’re in the area, I highly recommend getting over here and trying their infamous Spudnuts. Sure, potato donuts are pretty different, but how will you know if different donuts are good if you never have the courage to try them? Life’s too short to not try!


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