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Born and raised in Northern California, I had the best childhood getting up early to go and get donuts every Sunday morning with my dad. And while he eventually stopped taking me, that didn’t stop me from continuing my routine of getting sweet morning treats.

Even after life picked up the pace, I still make time in the mornings to make sure I take a little break. I mean, I study math, computer science, and statistics and I work 4 jobs. Who wouldn’t need a break from a busy schedule? And what better way to treat yourself other than getting sweet, doughy ‘o’-shaped pick-me-ups!

But I’m not just writing this blog to tell you about the donuts you already know about, I’m writing to tell you about the donuts you don’t know and need to know about. I’m talking about donuts from the 50+ year sugar raised recipe to the hella rad gourmet flavors, never about that stuff you get from national chains. As you read about my dozens of donuts eating adventures across Northern Colorado, please donut judge my diet.