Why Shop Local?

Anyone who reads this blog knows I absolutely love donuts. But maybe you don’t know why I focus on reviewing local shops rather than the latest releases from nation-wide known donuts. I mean, a donut is a donut right?
Maybe the donuts from Krispy Kreme are better than the ones you can get from the closest local join, of course not every local shop is going to hit the recipe quite as you like. But it goes way beyond taste for me. Of course taste is an important factor, but so are all of the other factors that come into play when you decide to shop local.

You are directly supporting your community.
By choosing to shop at a locally owned company, you are choosing to support your neighbors who in turn support your community. 68% of money spent at locally owned establishments stays in that community, whereas only 43% stays when you spend at national corporations. Also, local business owners donate twice the amount that national ones do to community causes.

You are helping the local economy.
Like stated before, more money tends to stay inside of the community when you choose to spend money at local shops. Not only that, but with more employers in the area, more jobs are available.

You are helping reduce our environmental footprint.
Local businesses travel and transport less than their national counterparts, so they end up using less gas and packaging. Many local stores also tend to sell used items (while giving store credit to locals that sell to them) which helps reduce what ends up in landfills.

You are giving more choice.
More mom-&-pop shops means more variety in where you can choose to spend money. Whether it’s the locally-renowned coffee shop or the used book store, having choices besides the options that are available in nearly every city is never a bad thing.

You are embracing your community’s culture.
A huge part of what creates a community’s culture is the unique stores that exist within it. Your community is great and unique; it should be appreciated for its quirks in the same way you hope other people appreciate yours.